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I was a photo stringer for the Associated Press in the late 80's and most of the 90's covering high school, college and professional sports (NFL, NASCAR) as well as Florida politics here in Tallahassee, Florida. Those were the days of souping film with bare hands (not the smartest thing to do) and fast printing in cramped darkrooms and hotel bathrooms. As the digital age began to take over, I felt like my days were numbered as the expense of repurchasing all new digital gear seemed insurmountable.

Moving ten years forward, I decided to pick up a Canon DSLR and began to relearn how to shoot and process an image in the digital world. What I've discovered is that, although my vision has blurred a bit with age, I still have a pretty good eye for what makes a good photo. Hope you agree as well.

My focus was on youth soccer, but now my scope has widened to include other high school sports. As the parent of a former soccer player myself, I feel that it's important to document those moments in a child's life that you can always look back on with pride and, hopefully, with some amusement. As time permits, I hope to expand my portfolio to include scenics in the near future.

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